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Radio Archive Programs

Meet a Need - Offering free food as a stepping stone to preach the Gospel

Witnessing to Strangers at the Mall - Using the survey approach and the Law with strangers

The Holy Spirit Will Teach You - Witnessing at Canal Days with an angry man

Creation Evangelism Part 2 - Witnessing to an Orthodox Jewish environmentalist

Investing in Your Future - Sharing with a college student about eternal investments

Witnessing at Church - Witnessing to and praying for the lost at church

Why Souls are Blinded - Sharing with a man who loved his sin more than his Creator

The Joy of the Harvest - When Sean got saved at Gene's (through the 101 prophecy booklet)

Only What They Can Bear - Sharing gently on the phone with a Mormon women

Signs Follow Believers - Dream about giving The Good Test to Dennis at Canal Days

Witnessing To Telemarketers - Openings and approaches to share with strangers on the phone

Fear and Intimidation - Witnessing to a screaming teenager from our car

Planting Resources - A man who's family was saved after watching The Good Test

Every Good Gift is From Above - Reminding the lost of the many gifts they've received from the Creator

Sharing at The Dentist - Witnessing to my convicted and upset dental hygienist

God is Our Refuge and Strength - Sharing on the towpath with several Satanists

He is Our Defense - Precarious situation as the teens threatened me. But God!

Being an Answer to Another's Prayers - Testimony of finally sharing with a clerk at Bill Gray's

Stopping Excuses - Ministering to my neighbor using the Commandments, and God's grace

One Soul at a Time - Sharing on phone with bank lady. Planting seeds, one at a time

Sharing with Professing Christians - An upset "Christian" who did not believe Jesus was God

ProChoice is Murder - Explaining to my brother that to be "Pro-choice" is murder

Being Conformed into His Image - New believer in my office - transformed before my eyes

Jesus Preached in their Cities - As we reach strangers who are lost, God sends believers to our friends

Seek Meekness - We must be meek & gentle even to those who bitterly reject the Word

The Name Above Every Name - Why is it that only Jesus name is so divisive. Good opening to share

Persecution - Car salesman who rejected the gospel - rude to my mom and me

The Cruel False Gospel - Jesus is not a genie - exposing the false gospel to an angry woman

Sensitive to the Spirit - Powerful true story of my friend Steve praying for a Muslim

Devine Interruptions - Environmentalist who realized the Creator is greater than the creation

Washing Their Feet Part 1 - Washing the boys feet at prison ministry

Washing Their Feet Part 2 - Serving and showing Christ's love to a prisoner - Gerard

Serious Business - When jokesters try to undermine your witness, pray to stay serious

Worshiping the Gift Instead of the Giver - Sharing with a man who was infatuated with his son rather than God

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