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Radio Archive Programs

Foundations in Witnessing Part 5 - Messianic prophecies pointing to Jesus

Foundations in Witnessing Part 6 - Several Messianic prophecies to use when sharing

Using Bible Prophecy - Using prophecy to prove that Jesus alone is the Christ

Last Days Prophecies - Our responsibility to know and use last day's prophecies to reach out

Current Events and Last Days Prophecies - Using the crazy weather, Jerusalem, Middle East to share the Word

Global Prophecies - Global communications, weapons of mass destruction prophesied

Lawlessness Abounding in the Last Days - Jesus anticipated lawlessness. We can use this to springboard

A 200 Million Man Army - Making the Bible relevant with current unthinkable prophecies

Extreme Weather - Using the chaotic weather subject to share the Word

Natural Disasters - Using God's wake-up calls to begin an eternal discussion

Salesman Comes Knocking - Have good resources on hand to start an eternal discussion

Lovers of Themselves - Exposing and using the self-esteem and psychology lie to share truth

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