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Radio Archive Programs

Foundations in Witnessing Part 2 - Just as a building demands a builder, creation demands a Creator

Creation Evangelism Part 1 - Asking which is greater - the creation or the Creator

Creation Evangelism Part 2 - Witnessing to an Orthodox Jewish environmentalist

The Mystery of Beauty - Using God's glorious creation to start a conversation

Every Good Gift is From Above - Reminding the lost of the many gifts they've received from the Creator

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Scientific foreknowledge (innumerable and unique stars) to witness

Animal Instincts Understood - Mentioning God's creation marvels to the lost - then swing to the eternal

Devine Interruptions - Environmentalist who realized the Creator is greater than the creation

The Everlasting Gospel - Using God's wonderful creation as a springboard to share

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