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Radio Archive Programs

Tolerance is a Great Sin - Explaining to the lost that sins of commission make us guilty

Conscience Proves the Bible - Only the Bible explains the origin of man's conscience

Personal Salvation - Explaining the need for a personal relationship with Jesus

Light to Every Man - Is the gospel sent to all? Sharing with an open Hindu at college

Predestined? - Sharing with a man who asked if he were predestined

Born Again - Explaining the true biblical meaning to the term "Born Again"

The Purpose of the Law - Explaining the Scriptural use of the Law to lead to Jesus Christ

The Problem with Suffering - Biblical response to the question of suffering

The Purpose of Suffering - An allegory to explain, in part, and purpose of suffering

How to Answer Difficult Questions - Being equipped to answer questions and provide biblical evidences

Questions Concerning God's Nature - Demonstrating that God is good, able, and offers hope

Sharing with Professing Christians - An upset "Christian" who did not believe Jesus was God

Hidden Things Revealed - Explaining to the lost that God sees all their secret sins

The Name Above Every Name - Why is it that only Jesus name is so divisive. Good opening to share

Using Religion as a Springboard - Many think Christianity is one of many religions, but it is a relationship

Natural Disasters - Using God's wake-up calls to begin an eternal discussion

Lovers of Themselves - Exposing and using the self-esteem and psychology lie to share truth

Substantial Evidence - Ask skeptics what evidence they have to support their beliefs

The Myth of Reincarnation Part 1 - Many believe in reincarnation. Expose this deception and explain truth

The Myth of Reincarnation Part2 - Reincarnation has many problems and no evidence to support it at all

Reincarnation or Resurrection - The Bible refutes reincarnation. The evidence supports the Resurrection

Divine Appointment - Story of Kyle who was in a coma for 4 months and received the Lord

Preaching Repentance - Listing the many times the Bible tells us the necessity of repentance

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