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Radio Archive Programs

The Great Commision - Bible verses commanding believers to preach the Word

Make Disciples - Biblical illiteracy in America - teach all men

Just Be Willing - Make yourself available and God will use you

Elijah, a Faithful Witness for God - God always finds a way to turn for good our witness

The Faithful Witness of Daniel - Daniel's blameless walk caused the Gospel to be proclaimed

Patience in Witnessing - Witnessing if a life-long work - salvation occurs in a moment

Weeping for the Lost - Though we groan, and results are often slow, persevere

Knowing God - Knowing God means walking with Him in righteousness & mercy

The Joy of the Harvest - When Sean got saved at Gene's (through the 101 prophecy booklet)

Made Perfect in Weakness - In our weakness. Christ's strength is made perfect

Where is Your Treasure? - Investing your treasure into witnessing to win eternal souls

Last Days Prophecies - Our responsibility to know and use last day's prophecies to reach out

What Not To Do When Witnessing - How to witness blamelessly, being harmless and without offense

Fear and Intimidation - Witnessing to a screaming teenager from our car

Will You Read His Word? - If someone died for you, would you read his words to you?

Planting Resources - A man who's family was saved after watching The Good Test

God is Our Refuge and Strength - Sharing on the towpath with several Satanists

He is Our Defense - Precarious situation as the teens threatened me. But God!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Immerse yourself in helping others. God will care and provide for you

Being an Answer to Another's Prayers - Testimony of finally sharing with a clerk at Bill Gray's

Go into the Highways and Hedges - If your people reject the gospel, go to the hurting who are more receptive

Stopping Excuses - Ministering to my neighbor using the Commandments, and God's grace

Fishers of Men - Our primary commission as disciples is to reach and teach the lost

The Supremacy of Love - God's perfect love in us should cause us to urgently seek the lost

Being Conformed into His Image - New believer in my office - transformed before my eyes

God is Faithful - God is faithful to reach those we love. We simply need to obey & trust

Seek Meekness - We must be meek & gentle even to those who bitterly reject the Word

Learn How to Share - Study to learn how to reach out. The website offers learning resources

Persecution - Car salesman who rejected the gospel - rude to my mom and me

The Fisherman will clean them - Those who try to reform their lives, need to trust the Savior to sanctify

Devine Interruptions - Environmentalist who realized the Creator is greater than the creation

Washing Their Feet Part 1 - Washing the boys feet at prison ministry

Washing Their Feet Part 2 - Serving and showing Christ's love to a prisoner - Gerard

Parable of the Fishers Fisherman - If were always learning the word, but never witnessing, this is hypocrisy

How Shall they Hear - Answering those who think we should witness with actions not words

Video Ministry - Springboard by using a video camera to approach and interview people

Divine Appointment - Story of Kyle who was in a coma for 4 months and received the Lord

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