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Radio Archive Programs

An Easy Way to Witness - Using the Ten Commandments as a schoolmaster to Christ

Foundations in Witnessing Part 3 - Every man has God' Law written on their heart

Foundations in Witnessing Part 4 - Using the Law to place a fire under the lost and warn of judgment

The Example of Ezekiel - God commanding Ezekiel to show the people their abominations

Tolerance is a Great Sin - Explaining to the lost that sins of commission make us guilty

Conscience Proves the Bible - Only the Bible explains the origin of man's conscience

Using Conscience when Witnessing - Questions you can ask about conscience to point to Christ

Sharing with the Natural Man - Reasoning with the lost from a perspective they'll understand

Questions for Evolutionists - Convicting questions for evolutionists to show their need for Christ

Lawlessness Abounding in the Last Days - Jesus anticipated lawlessness. We can use this to springboard

Most Men Will Proclaim Their Own Goodness - Reaching the self-righteous requires a thorough explanation of the Law

The Purpose of the Law - Explaining the Scriptural use of the Law to lead to Jesus Christ

The Good Test - What questions to ask to expose their need for the Savior

Stopping Excuses - Ministering to my neighbor using the Commandments, and God's grace

One Soul at a Time - Sharing on phone with bank lady. Planting seeds, one at a time

Calling Sin by Name - Showing that a fling is adultery, abortion is murder, results in conviction

ProChoice is Murder - Explaining to my brother that to be "Pro-choice" is murder

The Sermon on the Mount - In Jesus longest discourse He used the spirit of the law to expose sin

Salesman Comes Knocking - Have good resources on hand to start an eternal discussion

The Cruel False Gospel - Jesus is not a genie - exposing the false gospel to an angry woman

The Way of the Master - How Jesus witnessed - not seeker friendly, not man-made techniques

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