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Radio Archive Programs

Openings for Evangelism - Introduction questions to ask when sharing

Meet a Need - Offering free food as a stepping stone to preach the Gospel

Witnessing to Strangers - Using the survey approach

Creation Evangelism Part 1 - Asking which is greater - the creation or the Creator

The Mystery of Beauty - Using God's glorious creation to start a conversation

Using Conscience when Witnessing - Questions you can ask about conscience to point to Christ

Sharing with the Natural Man - Reasoning with the lost from a perspective they'll understand

Questions for Evolutionists - Convicting questions for evolutionists to show their need for Christ

Current Events and Last Days Prophecies - Using the crazy weather, Jerusalem, Middle East to share the Word

Global Prophecies - Global communications, weapons of mass destruction prophesied

A 200 Million Man Army - Making the Bible relevant with current unthinkable prophecies

Witnessing To Telemarketers - Openings and approaches to share with strangers on the phone

Sharing on the Phone - Ideas for witnessing from your home

The Good Test - What questions to ask to expose their need for the Savior

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Scientific foreknowledge (innumerable and unique stars) to witness

Animal Instincts Understood - Mentioning God's creation marvels to the lost - then swing to the eternal

One Soul at a Time - Sharing on phone with bank lady. Planting seeds, one at a time

The Resurrection - More evidence to prove Jesus' resurrection when sharing

Extreme Weather - Using the chaotic weather subject to share the Word

Using Religion as a Springboard - Many think Christianity is one of many religions, but it is a relationship

Using Third Party Stories - Using a past story to share during sensitive or awkward times

The Everlasting Gospel - Using God's wonderful creation as a springboard to share

Video Ministry - Springboard by using a video camera to approach and interview people

Worshiping the Gift Instead of the Giver - Sharing with a man who was infatuated with his son rather than God

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