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Radio Archive Programs

The Great Commision - Bible verses commanding believers to preach the Word

Make Disciples - Biblical illiteracy in America - teach all men

Foundations in Witnessing Part 1 - Highlights the biblical foundations: Creation, Law, and Prophecy

Foundations in Witnessing Part 4 - Using the Law to place a fire under the lost and warn of judgment

The Holy Spirit Will Teach You - Witnessing at Canal Days with an angry man

The Example of Ezekiel - God commanding Ezekiel to show the people their abominations

Conscience Proves the Bible - Only the Bible explains the origin of man's conscience

The Faithful Witness of Daniel - Daniel's blameless walk caused the Gospel to be proclaimed

Personal Salvation - Explaining the need for a personal relationship with Jesus

Investing in Your Future - Sharing with a college student about eternal investments

Witnessing at Church - Witnessing to and praying for the lost at church

Why Souls are Blinded - Sharing with a man who loved his sin more than his Creator

Knowing God - Knowing God means walking with Him in righteousness & mercy

Only What They Can Bear - Sharing gently on the phone with a Mormon women

Signs Follow Believers - Dream about giving The Good Test to Dennis at Canal Days

Not by Might nor by Power - Out utter dependence in the Holy Spirit to convict and save souls

What Not To Do When Witnessing - How to witness blamelessly, being harmless and without offense

Born Again - Explaining the true biblical meaning to the term "Born Again"

Most Men Will Proclaim Their Own Goodness - Reaching the self-righteous requires a thorough explanation of the Law

The Purpose of the Law - Explaining the Scriptural use of the Law to lead to Jesus Christ

The Good Test (2) - Once convicted, explain sin, death, and then the Gospel

The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Immerse yourself in helping others. God will care and provide for you

The Problem with Suffering - Biblical response to the question of suffering

The Purpose of Suffering - An allegory to explain, in part, and purpose of suffering

How to Answer Difficult Questions - Being equipped to answer questions and provide biblical evidences

Questions Concerning God's Nature - Demonstrating that God is good, able, and offers hope

Our God is Alive - Irrefutable evidence of Christ's resurrection

The Resurrection - More evidence to prove Jesus' resurrection when sharing

Hidden Things Revealed - Explaining to the lost that God sees all their secret sins

The Sermon on the Mount - In Jesus longest discourse He used the spirit of the law to expose sin

Learn How to Share - Study to learn how to reach out. The website offers learning resources

The Fisherman will clean them - Those who try to reform their lives, need to trust the Savior to sanctify

The Cruel False Gospel - Jesus is not a genie - exposing the false gospel to an angry woman

Sensitive to the Spirit - Powerful true story of my friend Steve praying for a Muslim

The Way of the Master - How Jesus witnessed - not seeker friendly, not man-made techniques

Witnessing in the Book of Acts Part 1 - A quantitative study of how they witnessed in the Book of Acts

Witnessing in the Book of Acts Part 2 - 1st believers preached sin, law, prophets, repentance, judgment, etc.

Substantial Evidence - Ask skeptics what evidence they have to support their beliefs

Serious Business - When jokesters try to undermine your witness, pray to stay serious

How Shall they Hear - Answering those who think we should witness with actions not words

The Myth of Reincarnation Part 1 - Many believe in reincarnation. Expose this deception and explain truth

The Myth of Reincarnation Part2 - Reincarnation has many problems and no evidence to support it at all

Reincarnation or Resurrection - The Bible refutes reincarnation. The evidence supports the Resurrection

Preaching Repentance - Listing the many times the Bible tells us the necessity of repentance

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